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Fire Sprinkler Safety Recall And Class Action Settlement

Central Sprinkler Company and the United Consumer Product Safety Commission are announcing a settlement involving the recall and replacement of approximately 8.4 million Omega brand fire sprinklers manufactured since 1982 by Central. Omega fire sprinklers are installed in the garages of many homes and in commercial buildings around the country.

Numerous models of the Omega fire sprinklers are involved. On most models, consumers will be able to see one to three flat round metal disks stacked one above the other with a small space between each disk. However, because it may be difficult to determine whether Omegas are installed, consumers are encouraged to call the toll free number below for product identification or contact their architect, builder, sprinkler contractor, plumber, homeowners’ association or property manager to determine if Omegas are installed in their residence.

Homeowners are urged to take immediate action and call the Omega information line to learn more about the recall, how to identify Omega sprinklers, obtain a Proof of Claim form, and obtain further information about the Settlement.

For consumers to get replacement sprinklers and any reimbursement towards installation costs, they must submit the Proof of Claim and Release Forms to Central postmarked by August 1, 1999. Release forms postmarked after August 1, 1999 still qualify to receive replacement sprinklers though not reimbursement. For further information and a copy of the Recall and Full Notice of Class Action Settlement, call 1-800-896-5685 or visit


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