Photos of Defects


Vent pipe touching roof sheathing

Missing beam support

Vent pipe touching vapor barrier

Flexible gas pipe penetrates furnace

Water heater fire hazard

Open electrical junction box

Insufficient attic insulation

Insufficient attic insulation

Improper T&P pipe

Water heater not protected

Exposed Service Cable

Dryer Duct Fire Hazard

Missing Ridge Vent

Improper Fireplace Construction

Vent Pipe Pulled Apart

Improper Electrical Ground

Improper Firewall

Defective Roof Truss

Improper Pipe Flashing

Fake Deck Flashing

Broken Floor Joist

Improper Handrail

Roof Shingles End Of Life

Roof Shingles End Of Life

Improper Roof Flashing

Damaged Block Pier

"S" Trap

Improperly Cut I-Joist

Improper Brick Arch


Melted Service Cable Insulation

Improper Vent Pipe

No Drain Valve

Expansion Tank Missing Support

Door Sensors Too High

Vent Backdrafting

Siding Deterioration

Sill Anchor Not Installed

Improper Chimney Height

Exposed Vapor Barrier

Vent Fire Hazard

Improper Tap

Flame Roll-Out

Oven Door Gasket Leaking

Missing Shingle

Purlin Missing Support

Deck Beam Missing Support